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Becoming a parent brings with it a great deal of uncertainty. However, a prenatal DNA test in Jackson, MS, can often settle some of that uncertainty and lay many of your fears to rest. With you’re concerned about specific genetic conditions or need to determine paternity before the baby is born for legal purposes, Mobile Drug Screen, Inc., can help. We can provide a safe, noninvasive DNA test in Jackson, MS, that poses minimal risks to both mother and baby. Then, we can process the test and provide you with results in as little as a week. Keep reading to learn more about our prenatal testing services and pricing.


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Noninvasive Prenatal DNA Testing

Paternity testing can be done in a multitude of different ways, and if you’re interested in getting this type of testing done you’ve probably thought about the different options. But what if you don’t want to do the traditional testing after the baby is born? That’s where Mobile Drug Screen’s new option can help.

Getting Your Testing

Traditional paternity testing needs to be done after the baby is born. But you may not want to wait that long. That’s where this type of testing can work. Because it starts with taking fetal DNA from the maternal blood, rather than needing to access the baby in utero. This also makes the process much safer for the baby. Traditional prenatal (invasive) paternity testing that is done prior to the birth of the baby has a risk of miscarriage associated with it, which means that parents are very cautious or nervous about the process. They don’t want to take the risk with their infant but do want to make sure that they know the father of their child as early as possible.

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Why Early Testing Matters

For some, early testing is extremely important because they have been the victim of rape. For others, it’s because the potential father carries certain genetic disorders. For others, it could be a source of stress to the mother that can easily be mitigated. Or maybe it’s about other factors affecting health. For others, there may be any number of other reasons that they want or need to know as quickly as possible about the parentage of their child.

There is no right or wrong reason to choose early prenatal paternity testing, but now the options are changing. Now it’s up to the parent to decide what type of paternity testing they want to do, and by choosing a non-invasive option they can get the results they need quickly while still protecting their infant.

After all, for far too long mothers and potential fathers were required to either wait until after the baby was born to get DNA testing done, or put added stress and risk on the baby and the pregnancy in order to get it done more quickly. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore and that’s definitely a benefit for everyone involved. But there’s probably more about this type of testing that you want to know before you decide to go for it yourself.

How it Works

So, just what is this process and how does it get you the results you’re looking for in a non-invasive way? Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

This method of testing starts with taking blood from the mother. But the blood does not need to come directly from the baby. Rather, it is drawn from the mother’s arm, the same way she might have blood taken for any other tests. This makes it safer for the baby as well as easier and more comfortable for the mother than other fetal blood draws.

For the father, or potential father, only a mouth swab is required. This makes it quick and easy for any potential father to take care of and the lab can then take care of executing the paternity test.

Once the two samples are collected the lab can run the test. Our tests are guaranteed at over 99% accuracy, which means you can feel safe and confident that the results are telling you exactly the information that you need to know.

Once you have decided to take the test, just give Mobile Drug Screen a call and set up the appointment. Then everything is sent to Ravgen for you so that you can sit back and wait for the results.

Why Non-Invasive Testing?

Non-invasive testing is actually better for everyone involved in the process of proving paternity. That’s because it’s going to be as easy as possible for everyone involved.

First, the potential father doesn’t need to have a blood draw at all. A buccal swab is super simple and it’s done fast. This can be even better for situations where the paternity test is ordered by the court or for situations where the potential father may not want to get the test done. The easier it is for them, the more likely they are to do it.

For the mother, a simple blood draw that is taken directly from the arm is quick and easy. There’s no stress involved in the process because the mother has likely had blood drawn throughout their pregnancy and definitely before. Because it’s a familiar process and one that doesn’t require a lot of blood, it’s simple and the mother can be on her way in no time.

Finally, for the baby, this type of test is much safer. Rather than blood being taken from the baby, or amniotic fluid taken from the mother. This means that it is far less invasive and therefore not as dangerous for the baby. While the risk to the child from traditional paternity testing in-utero is rare, it is definitely present, which makes this type of non-invasive option so much better.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in non-invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing all you need to do is set up an appointment with Mobile Drug Screen. Our team can help you get through all the steps required to get your testing done and the results sent off to the lab. It’s really going to be just that easy. You don’t have to worry about anything because our team does all the work for you.

We take care of drawing the blood and taking the swab and sending everything in. Then, all you have to do is wait for the results. How much easier could it be? Plus, you can feel confident in the results because they’re more than 99% accurate!

Having a newborn child is difficult enough without also worrying about subjecting your child to a paternity test in Jackson, MS, in the first weeks of their life. Early paternity testing in-utero can allow expectant parents to put aside their fears and uncertainties before the child arrives, so that they can focus their time and energy on caring for their new arrival. If determining your unborn baby’s paternity before they’re born can bring you peace of mind, we invite you to contact Mobile Drug Screen, Inc., today. We can walk you through the simple, noninvasive process and provide you with more information about pricing and financing options. Call now to schedule an appointment for your noninvasive prenatal paternity test.

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