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There are many reasons to consider taking a DNA. Whether you’re searching for prenatal testing to look for signs of a genetic disorder, or want to order an at-home test kit to determine paternity, Mobile Drug Screen, Inc., can provide the fast, accurate results you’re searching for. Learn more about the many types of DNA testing in Jackson, MS, we provide. If you have further questions about our DNA testing or drug screening in Jackson, MS, want to schedule in-clinic DNA testing, or would like to order a home-lab DNA testing kit, contact us.

Connecting Families through DNA Testing

Too often, people view DNA testing as only being necessary during a legal battle regarding paternity. However, that’s far from the case. There are numerous reasons that someone may seek out a DNA test in Jackson, MS, and many of those reasons are about establishing family connections. DNA tests can connect you to parent, child, grandparent, cousin, or half-sibling that you never knew you had, opening up a world of opportunity for building new familial relationships. At Mobile Drug Screen, Inc., we can help you to verify with absolute certainty who your relatives are, and give you the peace of mind that comes from finding your family.


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Prenatal Testing

Learn more about our noninvasive prenatal paternity testing services by visiting our Prenatal DNA Testing page.

Post Birth Testing

Nonlegal, one child, one father: $140
Each additional child: $70

Legal, one child, one father: $180
Each additional child: $70

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What types of tests are available?

NonLegal Paternity Test

Determine who the father is; for personal knowledge.

Legal Paternity Test

Determine who the father is; for legal purposes such as child custody or child support issues or to comply with a court order.

Full Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share both parents in common.

Half-Sibling DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals share one parent in common.

Duo Grandparentage DNA Test

Determine grandparentage for grandfather, grandmother, and grandchild.

Single Grandparentage Test

Determine grandparentage for a single grandparent and grandchild.

Aunt/Uncle DNA Test

Determine an uncle or aunt and nephew or niece relationship.

1st Cousin DNA Test

Determine whether two (or more) individuals are first cousins.

Twin Zygosity Test

Determine whether twins (or triplets, etc.) are identical or fraternal.

Immigration DNA Paternity Testing

Verify paternity to establish citizenship for visa applications.

Paternity Testing

Paternity testing is used to determine whether or not a particular man is the biological father of a child. In some cases, such as adoption or a found missing child, DNA tests can determine the biological mother as well. This procedure involves collecting and examining the DNA of a small sample of bodily fluid or tissue from a child and the potential father. DNA is the unique genetic “fingerprint” that makes up a person’s genes and chromosomes. When a baby is conceived, each parent passes on half of his/her DNA to the baby, whose genetic code (DNA) is a shared mix of only its mother’s and father’s DNA. By collecting and examining a small sample of DNA from the child and the potential father, a paternity test can confirm or disprove that the potential father is indeed the biological father of the child.

DNA is present in most of our body’s cells. A small sample for testing can be obtained from several bodily sources. The cells most commonly tested are obtained from the cells in the cheek of the mouth (called buccal cells). Cells are collected by gently rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek. The swab is sent to a laboratory, and a select number of specific DNA sequences are examined to determine if the DNA collected from the baby match DNA collected from the alleged father.

DNA testing is generally considered to be the most accurate testing method available. DNA paternity testing can indicate that a man is highly likely to be the father with 99.9-99.9999% accuracy, or that he is excluded from being the father with 100% accuracy. Results of buccal cell DNA paternity tests are usually available within 1 to 2 days after receipt by the laboratory.

We also offer home kits. Our kits contain the necessary materials and instructions for conducting a cheek cell swab test. After the cells are collected, the sample is sent to the laboratory for analysis. If directions are correctly followed, the testing technique and accuracy of a privately conducted home test does not differ from a test required by court order. For court-ordered testing, however, the potential father would need to report to a designated paternity testing facility so that the testing can be witnessed and fingerprints and photographs can be confirmed. Whether you choose a home kit or a full-service DNA testing clinic depends on why you need the test. In addition to our DNA testing in Jackson, Brandon, Canton, and Flowood, MS, we service out-of-state clientele as well.

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